Hostinger review: complete test of the web host (April 2024)

Do you want to host a website but don’t know which host to turn to in 2024? To help you in your choice, we tested the famous host Hostinger for many months.

What accommodation does the latter offer? Does it have an easy-to-use administration interface? Can it be considered one of the best web hosts? These are some of the questions we will try to answer as part of our Hostinger review. It was updated in 2024 with the latest features, you are guaranteed to find everything there.

Who is Hostinger? What there is to know

If you’ve never heard of Hostinger, you should know that it’s one of the cheapest web hosts on the market today. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Hosting Media and began to seriously become known in 2007 thanks to its free hosting offer called 000webhost.

It was only in 2011 that the name Hostinger appeared. And since then, the rise has been nothing short of meteoric. In 2014, the company had 10 million users, and in 2017, 29 million.

This more than rapid expansion inevitably leads us to ask ourselves a certain number of questions. Does this host really deserve all this attention? Does it respond to the quality and reliability of its services? We have verified all of this in extensive testing.

With this in mind, we subscribed to a hosting offer (premium shared hosting), created a website from A to Z, and observed the performance offered for several months. Want to know what we think of Hostinger as a result of all this? Let’s see together what you need to know about this very reputable web host.


  • Unbeatable prices
  • Multitude of offers and types of accommodation
  • Customer service responsiveness
  • Impeccable Uptime
  • Domain name and SSL certificate offered
  • Excellent speeds (and free LiteSpeed ​​technology)
  • PRESSECITRON promo code to get 10% off
  • Some translation errors in the administration interface
  • No customer support via telephone

Performance: availability, loading and speed

The aspect that seems most important to us in this Hostinger review is the performance test offered. This involves checking the availability of service, the loading time of our site, as well as the overall navigation speed.

During these months of testing, we noted an uptime of around 99.995% . Which clearly makes Hostinger one of, if not the, most reliable host on the market in 2024. To give you an idea, such availability represents a discontinuity of service of only a few hours over a year.

Having a website available at all times is good, but if it doesn’t load quickly when opened, you risk scaring away your readers. This is why you really need to pay close attention to the loading time.

Hostinger has data centers in Europe (including France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Lithuania), the United States, Brazil and Asia. More details can be found in our article presenting Hostinger data centers .

Such diversity is appreciable because it will allow you to host your site in the best possible place, depending on the audience you are targeting. And thus reduce access and loading time as much as possible.

During our tests, we were able to obtain very good scores on GTMetrix and Pingdom:


Performance test carried out on GTMetrix © Naviranker

Performance test carried out on Pingdom © Naviranker

To give you a little context, it is good to note that the site tested and hosted by us at Hostinger includes no less than 18 plugins, a caching system (LiteSpeed), and all of the images made available are optimized ( in order to reduce their size). We also reproduce these conditions for all the opinions and tests that we carry out.

In conclusion, our review of Hostinger is very good for everything related to performance. You are really dealing with a fast and reliable host, proof of this with the loading times recorded on GTMetrix and Pingdom (as well as the ratings awarded). All at an extremely competitive price.

Testing the Hostinger admin interface

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the web field, it is always nice to find a simple and, above all, clear administration interface. Hostinger checks these two conditions without the slightest problem.

Indeed, Hostinger offers an interface based on hPanel (which is an improvement of cPanel specific to the host) from which it is easy to navigate.

Hostinger Administration Panel Menu

© Hostinger

In just a few clicks, you will be able to manage your different accommodations, find statistics concerning their use, monitor connections to your account, consult your invoices, or even obtain help from customer service.

If you want our opinion, due to its simplicity, there is no doubt that the administration panel offered by Hostinger will appeal to the greatest number of people. We would also like to point out that thanks to a wizard, you can create your site with WordPress, the Hostinger website creator, or even WooCommerce in a few minutes.

However, we noticed a small downside. Some parts of the Hostinger admin interface are not or poorly translated. We hope that this will be corrected shortly by the host.

Security and protection

When you want to host a website, you really have to worry about security and the protection systems provided. It would be stupid to see your site degraded or completely unusable overnight. This is why we are going to tell you in this section about our opinion on Hostinger, the tools offered by the host.

We were able to note the presence of:

  • Bitninja (It comes with multi-layered security features such as anti-malware, web application firewall, and DDoS detection)
  • Smart firewall rules
  • Name servers (DNS) protected by Cloudflare for all customers
  • Hostinger CDN

With all of this, you will be sure that your site will resist the slightest attack or threat.

And as for the security of your administration account, we were able to test the implementation of a double authentication system (A2F):

As you can see in the screenshot above, you will have the choice between authentication by application (Authy, LastPass), or by e-mail (each time you log in, you will receive a confirmation code by e-mail) . By opting for double authentication, you will guarantee your peace of mind and prevent your account from falling into the hands of dubious people.

Our review of Hostinger customer support

Même  en optant pour le meilleur hébergeur  , nous ne sommes jamais à l’abri d’un échec. Pour cette raison, avant de vous engager auprès d’un hébergeur, vous devez vous assurer de la qualité et surtout de la réactivité du support client.

Car oui, un problème qui rend votre site inaccessible pendant plusieurs minutes/heures peut vite coûter cher ! Dans le cadre de la réalisation de cet avis et test Hostinger, nous avons pu nous assurer que les promesses faites sur le site étaient respectées.

Sans surprise, le support proposé par Hostinger s’avère très rapide et surtout… efficace. En quelques secondes seulement, vous serez mis en relation avec un agent qualifié. Et la très bonne surprise, c’est que  Hostinger propose un service client capable de vous répondre en plusieurs langues  . Malgré le fait que l’entreprise est principalement située en Lituanie.

Vous n’aurez donc pas besoin de vous embêter à converser en anglais. Quant aux moyens de contact, vous aurez le choix entre :

  • Un formulaire de contact
  • Un chat en direct

Si vous voulez notre avis, privilégiez vraiment la fonction de chat en direct proposée par Hostinger. Cela vous garantira un meilleur temps de réponse. Mais dans les deux cas, vous pouvez vous attendre à une assistance disponible 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7.

Live chat system © Naviranker

It is also good to point out that a detailed FAQ is available from the “Help” section of your customer area. Inside, you can find answers to common questions regarding configuration, installation, billing, confidentiality, security, and even domain names.

Our only small regret regarding Hostinger’s customer support is that unlike other competitors, it is not possible to reach them by telephone. But this negative aspect is largely offset by the responsiveness and competence of the agents with whom we were able to communicate during our complete test.

Types of accommodation and prices

Maintenant que nous avons pu aborder le sujet de la performance, de l’administration, de la sécurité et du support client dans cette revue Hostinger, nous allons pouvoir vous présenter l’ensemble des offres d’hébergement proposées.

Et comme vous pouvez le constater juste en dessous, le choix ne manque pas puisque vous n’aurez pas moins de 5 catégories différentes :

  • Mutualisé
  • Nuage
  • WordPress
  • VPS
  • Minecraft

Nous vous proposons de retrouver ci-dessous le détail de chacun de ces types d’hébergement. Nous profiterons de cette occasion pour préciser à tous à qui ils s’adressent. Veuillez noter que Hostinger propose également  un hébergement cPanel  ou VPS CyberPanel (avec panneau de contrôle Open/LiteSpeed ​​​​Webserver).

Shared web hosting

We continue this “price” part of our review on Hostinger by telling you about the various shared hosting offers available.

As you can see in the screenshot below, three plans exist (the fourth, “Cloud Startup”, is Cloud hosting which we will tell you about further down in this Hostinger review):

  • Premium: €2.89/month (+3 months free)
  • Business: €3.99 / month (+3 months free)
  • Cloud Startup: €9.99 / month (+3 months free)

© Hostinger

Each of them meets a particular need. The Single plan is the most suitable for starting a small personal blog. While the Premium plans (plan with which we carried out this Hostinger review and test), Business and Cloud Startup, give access to more possibilities.

Unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates are available with all hosting plans, including Single. The Premium plan also allows you to host up to 100 websites and email addresses, as well as a free domain with private WHOIS. Finally, the Business plan offers increased performance, daily backups and free access to Hostinger’s CDN.

To compare web hosting plans in more detail, you can click the button above. This will take you directly to the dedicated page of the Hostinger website.

Who this plan is for: People who want to create a personal blog, or a small/medium sized site. This is the perfect type of plan for anyone looking to get started in web hosting.

cPanel Hosting

Hostinger has decided to further expand its hosting portfolio by making cPanel offers available. Unlike shared hosting which is based on hPanel (a fork specific to Hostinger but which is based on cPanel), with cPanel hosting, you will have access to the cPanel administration interface.

Two different plans are offered:

  • Silver: €1.75/month (then €3.59/month upon renewal).
  • Gold: €2.95/month for the first commitment period.

You will be able to benefit from 1 TB of bandwidth/month, 30 GB or 50 GB of NVMe storage space, automatic backups, free SSL certificates. However, it is no longer possible to obtain a free domain name.

The other difference between the two cPanel hosting plans from Hostinger is the fact that via the Silver offer, you will only be able to host 50 sites while with the Gold plan, you will be able to manage up to 100 different sites. It is difficult for us to give you our opinion because the choice will depend exclusively on your needs.

Who is this plan for: those who want to take advantage of the cPanel administration panel while enjoying quality shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

As its name suggests, this type of hosting is based on cloud computing, all coupled with the simplicity of shared hosting. Hostinger guarantees that this type of hosting is up to 10 times faster than traditional shared hosting . And what’s more, all backend management will be the responsibility of the host, and not you or your teams.

The big advantage of this type of offer is that everything is modular. If your site grows, you will be able to expand your hosting in a few clicks. This also applies to allocated memory, disk space (NVMe storage), or the number of CPU cores.

Three formulas are available:

  • Startup: €9.99 / month
  • Professional: €15.99 / month
  • Enterprise: €29.99 / month

What will vary from one formula to another is the storage space, the RAM, or even the number of CPUs allocated. Once again, we recommend that you consult the Hostinger website to see for yourself the specifics of each plan. And don’t hesitate to visit hostinger wensite

Who this plan is for: Hostinger Cloud hosting primarily targets businesses that need to run large-scale projects.


Hostinger offers 3 different plans when it comes to WordPress hosting. You will have understood from its name, this type of hosting will only be suitable for those who want to use this CMS.

For others, turn to Cloud or shared hosting instead.

To determine which plan is best suited to your needs, try to determine your needs as well as the future development of your business in advance.

In all cases, you will have the right to a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, as well as the possibility of hosting several WordPress sites via a single hosting. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, we advise you to opt for the Premium plan. You will benefit from numerous advantages.

Who is this plan for: those who only want to do WordPress and need servers specially optimized for using this CMS.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting part of Hostinger is the most comprehensive. You will have the choice between 4 different formulas. To consult the details of each of the offers, you can click on the button available below.

© Hostinger

These 4 plans share a lot of similarities in any case since you will each time be entitled to a dedicated IP, a 300 MB/s network, instant backup (snapshot), weekly backups, full root access and a AI-powered assistant. With this latest feature, instead of going through hundreds of FAQs and guides and/or searching for help on internet forums, you can ask the AI ​​for help.

On the operating system side, Hostinger gives you the possibility to install and configure the following Linux distributions:

  • AlmaLinux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Rocky Linux
  • Ubuntu

Who is this plan for: as its name suggests, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) will allow you to benefit from a private but virtual server (based on virtualization technology). This type of accommodation is particularly aimed at those with specific needs and looking for above-average stability.